Small Town Restoration Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was formed to beautify, restore, rejuvenate, revitalize, and repopulate the town of St. Stephen, SC. Our hope is to make the town more attractive to new businesses.

We would love to see a nice diner, cafe, sandwich shop or doughnut shop with tables outside. Also a nice clothing store, shoe store, electronics store, beauty shop, or any other type of store would be a great improvement over what we have now.

We painted all of the fire hydrants in the St. Stephen area with the help of Berkeley County Water and Sanitation Department, who donated paint and brushes.

See photos on our Facebook page. We would also appreciate it if you would hit the "LIKE" button.

We are currently working on a grant to restore the Barry clothing store at 1160 Main Street to a useful facility for the community. We need all the volunteers we can get. We need your donations also.

If anyone is interested in helping us improve our Town. Please contact us here or through our Facebook page. There you can make a donation via Paypal. You can also send a check or money order payable to: Small Town Restoration, Inc., and mail to: P.O. Box 249, St. Stephen, SC 29479.